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My life: July 2011 - July 2012

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Internship - first day.

From breakfast, I went to the sales office in Hanoi for the resort I have my internship with, and met the Director/owner and had a good old chat with her. She was so wonderful, and when I mentioned that one day I aspire to own my own resort/chain of hotels she seemed really excited to give me all her advice and help. yay life <3

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On our way to work the next morning, we stopped off for fresh passionfruit juice and some weird rice ball thing (i don’t know what its called haha) amongst the bamboo where APPARENTLY a cool little monkey lives, but he didnt show *sadface*.

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Contiki Day 28 - Amsterdam

With Jager Bombs averaging about $4 everywhere we went, I became very accustomed to drinking them (they made me sick before this).

I also became very accustomed to these beautiful faces, amongst about 30-odd others. This night was very hard indeed, to say goodbye.

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Contiki Day 28 - Amsterdam

That night we all dressed up pretty and went out for dinner for the last time at a floating Chinese restaurant.

Yep..I was a big baby at this point already, and shed some tears during dinner. I didn’t have anything to come home to, and had everything I needed there, so it all got a little hard this night.

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Contiki Day 28 - Amsterdam

First off was shopping and currency exchange, reuniting with the girls after they had visited Anne Frank’s house and I’d gone to the post office.

It was a sad moment to exchange my beautiful Swiss Franks for Euros…they are such colourful notes! Didn’t want to give them up :(

That sad moment was followed by a disappointing visit to the Van Gogh museum…can’t say I was fussed over anything at all, sadly.

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